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Web Application Security

Beautiful Secure Web


Web Application Security was one of the courses in which I got to do some awesome projects. These were basically Web Development kind of projects with an added security aspect.

Project 1 : Text Twist Clone

In this project, we built a scrabble like game using PHP, HTML and CSS. The development process involved providing the player with a jumbled set of words and then comparing every guess the player makes with words in an SQLite databse. My role was to assist with the PHP script for fetching and comparing words from the database as well as styling the page. The source code can be found here Text Twist

Project 2 : MEAN Stack Auth System

In this particular project, we built a complete web application with features like User Authentication, A login System and A change password page using Node.js , Express and MongoDB. In this we incorporated Google OAuth Service. The source code can be found here MEAN Authentication system

Project 3 : Reddit Clone

In this project we built a reddit like comment system, wherein one can share a comment, Edit a comment, Like, Dislike or Even Delete one’s own comment. We also implemented a simple login system to go with this. The source code can be found at DIY Reddit

Skills Gained

Before taking this class I didn’t have any prior experience in web development. But during the course of the entire class I managed to pickup some valuable skills that I wish to keep for my life. Right from PHP, HTML and CSS to the MEAN Stack and then onto Firebase and AWS, I got to learn a lot in a matter of three months. Coming to the Security side of things, I got to learn different types of attacks- XSS attack, Session hijacking, SQL Injection and CSRF attacks. This has changed my perspective into not just building applications but building applications with the utmost level of security. All this was vital for me.